How Much Do Wedding Photography Services Cost in the Philippines?

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Think about it–when the flowers wilt, the food is eaten, and the dress is stored away, your wedding photos will be the only lasting memories of your special day. 

These images capture the details of your wedding, the emotions, and the joy, preserving them forever. 
That’s why choosing and investing in the right wedding photographer is essential when planning your wedding.

Ald & Joan’s Wedding at Sefriya, Batangas

Range of Wedding Photography Costs in the Philippines

Wedding photography costs in the Philippines can vary widely. High-end photographers may charge between PHP 75,000 and PHP 200,000+. Newer or “newbie” photographers might offer rates between PHP 20,000 and PHP 30,000+. 

However, note that a newbie’s work might be lacking and will not match the quality of a seasoned professional.

Factors Influencing Wedding Photography Prices

1. Experience. 

When selecting a wedding photographer, experience is key and a primary deciding factor. A seasoned wedding photographer brings proven expertise and technical skills to the table. 

They can anticipate and capture both the big and the fleeting heartfelt moments that make your wedding day truly unforgettable. With expertise, they guide couples and groups into natural and flattering poses. Making you feel comfortable and confident, they ensure your photos look genuine and beautiful. Additionally, they can navigate unforeseen circumstances, such as poor weather or tight schedules, turning potential challenges into stunning photo opportunities.

Experienced wedding photographers often have shot before in popular wedding venues across the Philippines, from Manila to Tagaytay to Baguio. 

This familiarity with the best spots and lighting in each venue enhances the wedding photographer’s expertise and ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Furthermore, established wedding photographers have cultivated strong relationships with other wedding vendors, facilitating seamless coordination and ensuring a smooth-running event from start to finish.

2. Equipment. 

Professional photographers should continuously invest in top-of-the-line cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and even software. 

This commitment to quality ensures that your wedding photos are not only visually stunning but also timeless, secured, and future-proof.

3. Staff & Crew. 

By having additional photographers and assistants on the team, it ensures that every aspect, moment, and person present in your wedding day is meticulously documented, from multiple angles and perspectives. 

Having a dedicated team, each with their respective roles, allows the main photographer to focus on capturing standout moments and creative compositions that will truly elevate your wedding.

4. Value of Creativity. 

Photography is an art form, and a seasoned pro brings their own unique vision to the table. 

Their creative flair and unique style adds depth and a fresh perspective to your wedding photos, weaving together a beautiful story of your day.

Fabien & Erika at Normandy, France

Comparing Seasoned Professionals to Newcomers

Difference in Pricing Between Seasoned Professionals and Newcomers

Seasoned photographers often charge higher rates due to their extensive experience, reliability, and superior quality. 

Newcomers might offer lower rates to build their portfolio, but this can come with trade-offs in terms of taste, style, technical skills, and equipment quality.

Read Testimonials for an Informed Decision. 

When choosing a wedding photographer, don’t look at just the price. Take time to review their packages and portfolio to ensure they match your needs and desired style and aesthetic. 

Additionally, review client testimonials to evaluate their reliability, professionalism, and ability to deliver high-quality wedding photos. Making a decision based solely on cost can lead to dissatisfaction and long-term regret. 

Remember, your wedding memories are irreplaceable. Would you trust them to an incapable photographer? 

Opting for a photographer known for consistent exceptional quality and reliable reputation is often a more valuable investment in the long run.

Ana & Jared at St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, Pampanga

What’s Included in a Typical Package?

A basic wedding photography package should typically include a team of at least three photographers, ensuring comprehensive coverage from multiple angles at key moments of your wedding. 

This setup is well-suited for the typical size of Filipino weddings, which often ranges from 50 to 250 guests. 

With about 12 hours of coverage included, these packages accommodate most wedding timelines. Clients can expect a full coverage of their wedding day, resulting in a curated collection of 2000 to 3000 wedding photos.

The following additional services may be included in a wedding photographers’ premium packages.

  • Engagement, pre-wedding or prenup shoot
  • On-site photo slideshow or a same-day edit
  • Drone photograpphy
  • Wedding Albums and prints
  • Framed photos
  • Digital delivery such as a USB, harddrive, or online galleries.

Out of town fees

Planning a destination wedding outside Manila? Do factor in additional costs for travel and accommodation for your wedding vendors. 

Photographers may charge for transportation, overnight stays, and extended stays for multi-day celebrations.

While published rates may vary per photographer, here’s a range of typical out of town fees for Philippine wedding photographers coming from Manila:

Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Pampanga:PHP 5,000 – PHP 10,000
Baguio, La Union, Subic, Zambales: PHP 10,000 – PHP 20,000 + accommodation
Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Coron, El Nido, Palawan, Batanes: PHP 10,000 – PHP 30,000 + flight and accommodation

Season and Demand

The time of year may also impact costs. Peak wedding seasons, typically from September to March, see increased demand and possibly higher prices. 
Booking your photographer and other wedding suppliers well in advance so you can secure better rates and availability. 
However, it’s good to note that we, Ram Marcelo Photography, maintain consistent pricing throughout the year, providing transparent and predictable costs regardless of the season.

Vance & Carmina at Mula de Leticia, Pampanga

Planning your wedding photography budget? Here are some tips:

  1. Define Your Style: Decide on the photography style you prefer, especially non-negotiable ones. Do you prefer classic, traditional shots, or are you drawn to a more candid, documentary style? Understanding your preferences will guide your choices and ensure you’re happy with the final results.
  2. Set Your Budget: Determine a realistic budget for wedding photogaraphy. Having a clear budget in mind will help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions during the selection process.
  3. Book Early: Don’t wait until the last minute to secure your photographer. Booking early not only ensures you lock in your preferred photographer but also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of early-bird discounts. Plus, booking ahead of time can help you avoid any potential price increases that may occur yearly.
  4. Customize Packages: Don’t hesitate to ask about customization options. Tailoring the package to your specific needs and budget is key to optimizing your spending. Consider eliminating any unnecessary services or add-ons that you can do without.
  5. Negotiate Payment Plans: Inquire about installment options or payment schedules that work for you. This way, you can spread out the cost of your photography services without straining your finances.
Carlos & Bea at The Peninsula Manila

Ram Marcelo’s Rates

With over a decade of experience, I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings both locally and internationally. My rates range from PHP 59,000 to PHP 100,000+. 

What sets us apart is our personalized approach. We get to know each couple, making sure the photos authentically reflect your story, personalities, and your special day.

Explore our portfolio and inquire to find the perfect package for your needs. Capture your moments with the best—because your wedding day deserves nothing less.

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