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antipolo wedding

Antipolo City has started to gain its popularity for destination weddings. I will not be surprised if there will be more Antipolo weddings in the future. This wedding was shot at the Parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Antipolo. It was the same church where the wedding of Popoy and Basha was filmed for the movie, ‘A Second Chance’. The wedding preps and the reception of this wedding took place at Le Blanc, Antipolo.

There are three words that we think sums up this wedding: White, Booze, and Rubber shoes!

Anj and Carlo did not want to have the usual, grand wedding. They wanted it to be their way – chill, intimate, and genuine. But before we go there, here’s a little something about them. This couple has always been different. They often find themselves in unique situations. For instance, the moment Anj told Carlo that she likes him (after denying him at least twice), he was giving her the cold shoulder because he thought she liked their friend instead. Anj didn’t just tell Carlo that she likes him afterwards. Instead, she actually yelled it at him! Fast-forward to another moment in the future when Carlo proposed to Anj, she was so mesmerized with the view that she did not notice Carlo kneeling and proposing while everyone watched what was happening. Both of them loved these experiences for they turned out to be more special and memorable because it was uniquely them.

They preferred a wedding where everyone felt at ease and chill. Anj wanted her guests to have the liberty to dress as gorgeous as they want. She was not fond of the idea that in usual weddings, people are asked to wear any color but white so that they won’t outshine the bride. She didn’t mind that people would look as beautiful as the two of them. She said that with this, everyone would feel more included in the celebration. And that’s exactly how everything went!

As a wedding photographer who specializes in candid shots, this couple came to me as a blessing. They literally did not want overly choreographed shots. It takes away the feeling of freedom, as they say. On their special day, they wanted everyone to act how they naturally are! It was what they wanted to see in their wedding photos. They wanted to remember their wedding by seeing everyone’s genuine selves, just enjoying the day with them. And they were able to pull this off! They had booze everywhere, and some of their guests enjoyed it so much that they stayed with them till 4 in the morning!

Apart from the bride’s rental wedding gown, the groom’s store-bought wedding attire, and an old wedding ring given by the bride’s mom, this couple wore rubber shoes at their wedding! Don’t get them wrong, they did not need to cut their expenses. They chose these because they were comfortable with them. Anj did not like the idea of walking in heels while Carlo wanted a wedding attire that he can wear even after their wedding (and he did). To them, this was such a perfect idea!

Being in the wedding photography business for many years now, this couple was such a breath of fresh air. The chill and comfortable vibe were felt even by me and my own wedding photographers throughout the day! I am honestly hoping that this wedding will inspire future couples. Not everything has to follow a strict pattern. It is always best to enjoy your wedding by celebrating your own, unique way! See how much fun they’ve had on their memorable day by looking at their wedding photos below!

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Photo: Ram Marcelo Photography
Video: Hello & Co. Cinema
Flowers: Gabila Edmar (Flowers by Edmar)
Hotel, Venue, Catering and Styling: LeBlanc Hotel & Resort Antipolo
HMUA: James Lubrica
Wedding Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses and Groom’s Pants: Rissale Mayrina Atelier
OTD Coordinator: Light and Love Events Management
Lights & Sounds + LED Wall: Orange Lights and Sounds
LED Wall Animation: Event Graphics PH
Bridal Car: Bryan’s Volkswagen Beetle, Kombi & Vintage Bikes for rent
Signage: Little Suc
Invitations: Neonovelties
Wedding Singer: Jholo Cabero
Host: Ram Mariano
Church: Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Antipolo
Wedding Cake: Christian dela Cruz

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