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“Waiting is like having a blank sky in my night. When are you going to fill that space with stars? When are you going to make my dreams come true?” – Pau


Hans and Pau’s story is the classic slow burn love. One that takes time to develop like stars. Reading their love story and its details felt like looking through the pages of your favorite book, where you wait for things to unfold as they slowly see each other in a new light. 

Hans and Pau have known each other since they were kids. They met in Sunday school, grew up together, and became friends. When Pau was 16, she started having dreams of getting married to a guy with initials J.P. Hanz’ name is Johannes Paul, so a common friend teased her, “Baka si Hans, si JP.” Pau did not entertain the idea because she only saw Hans as a friend.

Years later, she’s still having those dreams. She started to become impatient and emotional about it to the point of asking God when He’s going to turn those dreams into reality. Then God gave her a vision of the galaxy and made her realize that His plans are better. Pau said, “At the end of it all, I realized that God is the better dream. He is the dream; He’s the only true lover who could satisfy my heart and make me whole. This life is one big love story with the Greatest Lover first; an earthly partner is just a great bonus.”

When Hanz passed the Nursing licensure exam, they started getting close. While he’s preparing for his NMAT exams, he would hang out at Pau’s house every Wednesday. As their friendship deepened, Pau started comparing their reality with what she saw in her dreams. For her, it was uncanny and accurate in surprising ways. By this time, Hans is also praying and asking for guidance and direction to pursue Pau and if she’s the one. God answered him by showing a vision of a ship sailing through the stars. He was the captain of one ship, and at a distance God showed him another ship, sailing towards the same direction – towards God. In his vision, God told him, “Why don’t you ask her if she wants to join your ship? So you could sail together.” Hanz took that dream as a confirmation.


Memory and sentiment gives a great impact for a timeless pre-wedding shoot. This is what Hanz and Pau’s prenup session represents. Here are the reasons why you should draw inspiration from this shoot:

  1. The throwback feels. Hans and Pau decided to have their prenup shoot at their Church grounds where they met, grew up, and held so many memories together. Coming back to the place has provided those warm, sentimental feelings. It’s an intimate walk down the memory lane for the couple and visually stunning for me as their prenup photographer. 
  2. The creative D-I-Y styling. Hans and Pau, with the help of their friends, decided to style their own prenup shoot from their outfit, to the set pieces. They also included their favorite mementos, and the things that are memorable for them like fairy lights, the imagery of the stars, and the purple dress that Pau wore during the marriage proposal. Their styling concept is akin to the retrospective film that captures their unique and one-of-a-kind story in all its candid moments.
  3. The casual look. The prenup shoot is casual and natural from start to finish. The couple had the freedom to be playful, be cheesy, and be soft. 
  4. The openness. In this shoot, Hans and Pau bared who they are as a couple. They displayed a different level of candidness that reveals deep and intense emotions. On our camera lenses, we captured two beautiful souls whose love shone brighter than the stars. Their love for each other is so pure, so intimate, and everything one could hope for. 

Photo – Ram Marcelo
HMUA – Phyl Lunzaga Make Up
Shot on Location – Community of Faith Alliance Church

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