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Are you a big fan of Koreanovelas? Have you ever had these show-hangovers after watching a Koreanovela and wished that you would have your own sweet Korean-themed prenup shoot? Well, this two aein have and they did it in no better place than: you’ve guessed it right – the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea!

Three years ago, Jill went to South Korea and placed a love-lock in Namsan Tower with the wish that Zyd would be the one for her. From the spirit of Korea’s healthy admiration of love stories, Jill’s wish came true and they were both back in the country three years later as an engaged couple! I don’t know about you, but I think Koreans should definitely make a telenovela based on these two. They were just so sweet not to see on a show!

Of course, it wasn’t all about just waking up and finding yourself and your beloved already in South Korea. This prenup shoot took planning and preparations done by the couple. Lucky for them, they had a friend there who helped plan their itinerary and even their transportation. They weren’t able to hire a stylist and a make-up artist since the resources are limited in destination shoots. Nevertheless, everything worked out as you can see in their photos. This is because they have researched and planned their pegs early. It takes proper preparation in order to pull off a shoot in another country. They suggest all couples to plan way ahead of time!

Jill and Zyd were admittedly shy in front of the camera. This time around, they were able to feel comfortable sooner in the shoot and was visually having so much fun! They even told me that they were surprised themselves that they got comfy real quick. It all ended up as how they’ve imagined it to be – full of love and kilig! See how they lived their Koreanovela dreams!

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Shot on location – South Korea

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