Oscar & Vanessa | Pre-wedding Shoot in BGC

Filed in Prenups  /  December 27, 2022

Oscar and Vanessa’s pre-wedding shoot in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) was nothing short of serene. From the get-go, their relaxed vibe allowed for candid shots that exuded true joy and happiness, creating a laid back atmosphere to capture memories with raw emotion. The sprawling area provided ample space to explore ideas and take creative risks – like utilizing vibrant colours, interesting angles, and unexpected perspectives – resulting in captivating photos that told a story beyond just love. 


The creative vision behind the shoot was magnified by the sheer variety of settings: from the lush foliage to the busy streets, every image depicted a unique story which Oscar and Vanessa can fondly look back upon years later. Moreover, the meticulous attention to detail paid off beautifully in terms of composition, colors and lighting, allowing us [the photographers] to portray this special chapter of their lives as vividly as possible.

All throughout the shoot, the couple had an natural vibe between them; one that wasn’t forced or contrived but absolutely organic, as if each moment brought them closer together instead of apart.The shots brimmed with joy as their chemistry shone through the lens. From silly poses, spontaneous giggles, and lighthearted conversations, their smiles were unmistakably genuine.


The entire pre-wedding shoot in BGC was a splendid celebration of their love. Emotions ran high amidst the candidness of each captured moment, saturated with an enduring joy that brought out warm smiles and glowing eyes. The couple walked in the sun-drenched park as though no one was watching. They laughed heartily, hugged dearly, and displayed a profound affection for each other – it was all quite moving.

The cityscape provided an alluring backdrop as Oscar and Vanessa adventures throughout BGC – it seemed that even the bustling metropolis could not outshine their adoration for each other! It truly was a perfect day for them to revel in their endearment before tying the knot.

Overall, it was clear that Oscar and Vanessa had made countless treasured memories during this exhilarating photoshoot – a testament to their unyielding bond and pure happiness.

Photo – Ram Marcelo

HMUA – Anna Tiglao

Shot on Location – Bonifacio Global City

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