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Filed in Engagements  /  September 1, 2019

“Proposals are planned, executed, and made just for the girl. Tagaluhod lang tayong guys (We guys just have to bend our knees).” – Ivan

Before I tell you more about this proposal shoot, let me tell you a bit of a background. Ivan, the handsome chinito proposer in these photos, has been my friend for 4 whole years. Actually, he is also a wedding photographer and he is part of my team. He mainly leads the shoots at my second studio, Gunita Studios. So this proposal shoot is a special and a memorable one for me as well!

It was on the day of their anniversary. Ivan was nervous while Shar was completely clueless. She was thinking that they would just go through their simple anniversary plans and she was looking forward to spending the whole day together with him. At the middle of that day, Ivan’s phone rang. It was an urgent matter. They had to go to Ortigas, Quezon City as quickly as they can. Well, this was actually set-up and it was not an urgent matter. Instead, it was something Ivan has been planning for as long as he can remember.

Burnt Bamboo was beautifully lit. Their friends were the ones behind the setup. It was as if they were able to get the starry evening display into the venue. The setup was inspired by the Greatest Showman movie’s rooftop scene where the stars were projected in hung clothing. Shar wanted a date where they were under the stars, so Ivan thought of putting string lights. And so here they were, having such a dreamy, romantic moment as Ivan finally got on his knee and asked Shar to marry him.

It was wonderful. It was memorable. It was intimate. It was lovely. I was so delighted to witness this special moment in their lives. It has gotten me even more excited for the next events to follow. I had the great honor to be their prenup photographer and even their wedding photographer! Do check out their starry, starry proposal photos below!

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