Rene & Lyn | 30th Anniversary

Filed in Weddings  /  December 20, 2019

I would like to introduce to you all, my amazing parents.

The theme of the shoot was bringing them back to where their love started – around animals. What better place to have this shoot than in The Old Grove Farmstead, Lipa, Batangas! Their styles were casual and comfortable. We even surprised them by bringing one of their dogs, a corgi named Banjo! They roamed around the place and spent time with different kinds of animals, reliving one of the foundations of their relationship. This was definitely a memorable and touching experience for me as well. Here’s their story:

They met when they were in college in the 80’s. Both were taking up veterinary medicine. My dad, Rene, was an upperclassman who was tasked to tutor lower batches. In a Zoology class, he was the tutor of no other than – you guessed it right – my mom, Lyn! That’s where it started. It is their love for animals that brought them together.

Their love and relationship circled around animals. Mom put up a veterinary clinic that my dad supported. A few years after that, they both started to breed dogs! After they married, along with so many dogs, they also had three little monkeys – my brothers and I!

The three Marcelo siblings planned to surprise their parents for their 30th Anniversary. We wanted to make it special! We thought that during their time, prenup shoots weren’t probably a thing yet. So giving them their very first prenup shoot was perfect! Our parents have done countless things for us and have been through so much for our welfare. This is the least we could do to repay them! Check out these young-at-heart lovebirds below!

Photo: Ram Marcelo
Styling: Aira Franco
HMUA: Nini Marquez
Shot on location: The Old Grove Farmstead

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