Why You Should Have a Prenup Shoot?

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Couple holding hands during their prenup shoot

Throughout the years, it is becoming more of a trend to do prenup or engagement photography months before the wedding. Some couples choose to do an adventurous and outdoorsy type of prenup while others prefer it to be laidback and chill. There are those who have it within the Philippines while some even do destination shoots abroad! The question is, can you actually get anything out of a prenup shoot? In this article, we will lay out the advantages of having a prenup shoot before your wedding.

Hype Up The Wedding!

It is an exciting feeling telling your friends and family you are finally engaged. It definitely gets a lot of reactions when posted on social media! But that way of simply announcing it online is becoming a thing of the past, in our opinion. What if we tell you there is a better way to tell people you’re engaged and make them even more excited? This is where your prenup photos come into the picture! Imagine a photo of you and your partner, all dressed up, at a memorable place or an IG-worthy location, while doing what you two love to do together. Then you choose to post these amazing shots online as a way of telling people that you two are set to be married! I mean, it cannot get classier than that! 

Forehead kisses during their prenup shoot
Raf and Reg | Zambawood, Zambales
Sweet couple with holi powder
Rakesh and Sonika | Fortune Island, Batangas

A Surprise Wedding Treat For The Guests

Apart from the same-day edit (SDE) videos and onsite wedding slideshows, there are also prenup videos and prenup photo slideshows that you can make your wedding guests watch! This is one fail-proof way to keep people entertained during the reception. Since prenup shoots are just starting to become trendy, some of your guests would probably be not that familiar with it yet and it would surely take them by surprise! You can even shock your guests by having your prenup shoot in a different country without telling anyone! The more surprising it is, the more entertaining it gets!

Couple walking in a park during their prenup shoot
Edwin and Jen | Autumn in Nami Island, South Korea

Prenup shoot is an Effective Trial Run for the Wedding

Since a prenup photography shoot ideally happens before the wedding, this can actually get advantageous for both the couple and the wedding photographers. Here are the reasons why:

1. You will get to practice in front of the camera and know your good angles.

There is nothing wrong with being ‘camera-shy’. Your trusted photographers will work their way around that! But even if you do not consider yourself as camera-shy, you could still get surprised by how different the experience is having a shoot with professional photographers. One way to get used to it is to have a prenup shoot. This way, you will get used to the camera and the experience itself. You will start to get more comfortable and this is a very, very, very important factor in acquiring the best shots. Who knows, you might even learn a really flattering angle of you that you have never known before!

Ansherina | Anawangin Island, Zambales

2. It is a chance to meet and get to know your wedding photographers (extremely important)

Big chances are – you have never met your wedding suppliers before. Unless you are our friends or relatives, we are probably complete strangers to you. Well, we do not want you to feel uneasy. This is why we do our best to get to know you better! And one really great way is, you’ve guessed it, having a prenup shoot! With it, you and your wedding photographers will get to know each other. A deeper relationship with your wedding photographer is yet another particularly important, often taken-for-granted, factor in producing the best, perfect photos of you.

Paul and Micah | Cherry Blossom in Japan

3. You can use it to practice and bond with your partner

A lot of couples probably have no shared experience with professional photographers before their wedding. So when their wedding finally comes and it’s time to do some shots (often creative shots), the couple may end up uneasy or unsure. While we always do our best to make our couple comfortable doing the shoot, it is obviously a game-changer if the couple will have a photography experience with us before the wedding! And yes, this is another great reason why you should have a prenup photography shoot. Plus, it is yet another memorable time with your partner. It is a wonderful bonding opportunity! The both of you just have to enjoy the day and you don’t even need to worry about taking selfies to remember it by, we got you covered! 

couple having their prenup shoot in batanes philippines
Odai and GM | Batanes

If for some reason you are still not convinced, you should probably check out what other wedding suppliers have to say about prenup shoots. Here’s what our dear friend Toni Aviles, a Make-Up Artist, has to say:

Get To Work With Your Make-Up Artist!

According to one of the best hair and make-up artists, Toni Aviles, a prenup shoot is an HMUA’s productive playground. During the shoot, they get the chance to try on different looks in makeup and hairstyling. With that, the bride-to-be will be able to see herself through their creations and will be able to identify which look would make her feel the most beautiful.

Having a prenup shoot could also become a win-win situation for the MUA, the photographers, the videographers, and also the couple themselves. Toni told us that, “On our part, it is advantageous because we get to see the canvas right in front of our eyes”. By having you around, they can give suggestions and recommendations to anything regarding beauty tips and the do’s and don’ts when preparing one’s skin for the wedding. It will truly be helpful especially if the bride or the groom is experiencing any skin or hair problems. This will be able to help the bride feel her prettiest and the groom his handsomest on the wedding, which is what both photographers and videographers want as well!

Shane and Eriq | Anvaya Cove, Morong Bataan

Once In A Lifetime Experience

We asked one of our clients, Michelle, about her prenup shoot experience. According to her, it became a practice ground for her and her husband. They were able to learn a lot of things such as how to look good in front of the camera and what angles are the best for each of them. She even told us that because of the shoot, they never again felt awkward in shooting the ‘look-at-each-other’ pose at their wedding! It made them immediately and completely comfortable with our team when the wedding shoot started. It all just went smoothly!

MJ and Michelle | Sundowners, Zambales

As a couple who has been planning their wedding themselves, Michelle said, “It was actually a break from all the stress and pressure from wedding planning”. It was a breath of fresh air for the two of them! They even considered it to be therapeutic and helpful as they were stress-free the whole day! And on their endnote, they knew that they would only be able to experience prenup photography once in their lives. Michelle said that they will never be as young as they are now, and photos are one of the very few things that could immortalize these great moments. They have been married for a month already and yet they still can’t stop looking at their prenup photos! They never regretted it and believed that it was a great decision to have on their journey as a couple.

Guy carrying the girl during their prenup shoot
holding hands by the beach prenup shoot


So there you have it! These are the reasons why we think that having a prenup shoot is totally worth it! You should really give it a shot! Not only is a prenup shoot advantageous for your wedding suppliers, but it is also a win-win situation for you as well. Some of our couples even try to take it to the next level by having their prenup shoot as on a destination abroad. While some of them have done a magazine-like shoot. But hey, you really just have to do it your own way! We have couples who just had it at their homes, while they watch movies or play video games or drink wine by the pool. And it went just as memorable and fun! Wherever or however the prenup shoot goes, every couple ends up extremely glad to have these memories to hold on for the rest of their lives!

Want to set your prenup shoot? Drop us a message, tell us how you want it, and we’ll help you plan it!

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