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Yacht Wedding Proposal – Anton & Mel

PROPOSAL…does the word strike excitement and anticipation in your heart? 

It’s a universal experience to be drawn to a specific person because of a certain something you can’t quite put your finger on. One of the beautiful mysteries is the meaningful connection with the right person, purposely woven in every soul. In the course of your relationship, a day would come when you’re ready to tie the knot and move forward. The preparation for a wedding proposal confirms that you consider marriage as a sacred moment. You long to ask “Will you marry me?” in a poetically beautiful way, armed with all the props and a charming backdrop. You want it to be special, unique, and memorable. But how do you really pop the fourteen-letter question? Take an idea or two from Anton’s intimate wedding proposal to Mel with their family.


Some may call it serendipity, others call it fate, or it could be a perfect case of meant to be. Anton and Mel are from two different worlds but brought together at the right time, right place, right reasons. They met in 2014 and their six years of relationship have been a delightful journey of learning together, growing together and becoming better together. They both love traveling, adventure, and experiencing all things new. Their date is usually spent on a weekend trip to Punta Fuego. Anton could choose to plan for a grand, magical proposal abroad while they’re traveling around the world, but he opted to make the special moment happen in the Philippines with their family. 

Mel thought that it’s just an ordinary holiday trip to Punta Fuego like they always do and she has no idea that the sail is going to change the course of her life forever. It was a perfectly executed plan where their families boarded the yacht first and went sailing at a particular spot, then Anton and Mel just rode a speedboat. When they entered the yacht, Anton became the star of the scene, got down on one knee, and with both of their families as witnesses, he asked the question, “Will you marry me?”… and she said YES! 

The proposal turned into an intimate party, with shared tables, steak, and wine, laughter, and celebration—such a cozy and sacred space with a beautiful sunset that marks an end of a chapter and a beginning of a new one.

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Video – Hello & Co. Cinema

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