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Filed in Prenups  /  November 25, 2022

Nico and Anne’s prenup shoot in Balai Bakuran is inspired from the candid illustrations of Korean artist Puuung entitled, “Love is in the Small Things”. Its idea, artistry, and simplicity is a perfect presentation of their relationship. 

To shoot this simple and casual prenup, the couple found Balai Bakuran as a perfect location. The place was simple yet spacious and comfortable, it felt like home – ideal to capture their special love!


When Nico and Anne were planning their prenup shoot, they wanted something simple yet meaningful. Anne said, “From the start we decided that we wanted our prenup to capture what we usually do on a normal day. Just nothing fancy or staged as we want for the photos to show who we really are.

With this in mind, we were able to capture some moments of simply being together—in a beautiful home and on an ordinary day at first hand—and then add some special touches like Bob, their adorable fur baby, their picnic date, and coffee conversations. 

Nico and Anne’s engagement session was so laid-back, fun, and candid that it really captured what they do on a daily basis—the little moments of being together that make up their relationship.


Nico and Anne’s adorable baby beagle Bob was a huge part of their engagement session, and we loved it!

It became more like a family shoot than a prenup. Bringing Bob and having him in frames is a lovely idea. It created a mood of a happy home and family! A perfect picture of joy, comfort and peace. The couple were like parents with a baby in tow in everything they do. On top of that, Anne taught Bob several tricks and our favorite is the one where he looked like praying. We couldn’t help but swoon over him! And if you can also get enough of Bob and his antics, you can visit @bobdbeagle on Instagram!

Photo – Ram Marcelo

HMUA – Belle Lopez

Styling – Mei-tzi Go

Shot on Location – Balai Bakuran

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