Alvin and Kat | Balara Studio Minimalist Prenup

Filed in Prenups  /  August 4, 2022

Are you looking for an intimate and minimalist prenup photo shoot?

We know all the rules: no big production, no grand props, just you and your loved one! But we also know that the idea of an engagement session is to show off how beautiful you are together.

For Alvin and Kat, their engagement session was a chance to reflect on who they are: how they spend their day-to-day lives, and some of their favorite moments together. They wanted a fun, natural environment that felt like an extension of themselves — and not too different from the real world. On top of that, they wanted something intimate, personal, and a little playful.

That’s exactly what Alvin and Kat did with their Balara Studio prenup session: they found the perfect balance between their personalities and their comfort zone.

Here are some of our top takeaways from their Pinterest worthy prenup shoot at Balara Content Studio:

  1. Be Natural. “If you can’t be yourself, who can you be?” – Walt Whitman
    Alvin and Kat are a couple who embody this quote. They are both so fun and full of charm! It is clear that they allowed their personality to shine through without trying too hard or being weirdly awkward.
  2. Be comfortable. There was no pressure at all on the shoot; instead, Alvin and Kat felt free to just be themselves in front of the camera. It is simply an intimate prenup session between two people who love each other very much.
  3. Focus on each other. The best part of the shoot was when they focused solely on each other —they completely forgot about the camera! Above all, you can tell by looking at their images that they were having such a good time together and focusing only on each other.

Photo – Ram Marcelo Photography

Stylist – Yvonne Camay

HMUA – Mikka Marcaida

Shot on Location – Balara Content Studio

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