Marcel & Scarlett | Wedding at Hilltop Garden

Filed in Weddings  /  May 16, 2022

“It wasn’t long after that God started speaking to me from seemingly all sides. Prophetic words, dreams, extremely unusual coincidences, you could almost say Heaven was cheering me on to pursue you.” – Marcel

Marcel and Scarlett’s wedding at the Hilltop Garden was a joy to capture. It was full of love, laughter, and lots of happy tears – which I absolutely love as a wedding photographer!

The setting was beautiful and the weather cooperated perfectly — but those were just a backdrop for the real story: two people in love being surrounded by even more love from family and friends on their special day.

We asked the couple about their favorite things about their wedding and here are their answers:

  1. The washing of feet.  This is undeniably one of the highlights of the wedding. This one began with a reading from John 13, followed by the washing of feet, which is a religious tradition symbolizing humility, service, and devotion. We loved how the couple explained it this way: “We wanted to do this at our wedding not only as a symbol of our love but as a vow, an unconditional act of love, that we are committed as husband and wife – whether in joy and victories or sadness and battles – to bring all of who we are in humble love and constant service to each other as Jesus has for us.”
  2. Their family and friends. The wedding ceremony was very personal with the bride’s father officiating. This is so unique and special as it added an extra layer of sentimentality. Imagine the bride’s father leading her daughter to one of the most sacred commitments in a lifetime – such an incredible way to get married! Moreover, they also loved how their celebration brought their family and friends together. They were also grateful for how involved they were from Scarlett’s cousin and their very close family friends hosting to their family and friends doing special performances.
  3.  The bridal walk. This is an unforgettable moment for Scarlett. “I remember seeing him (Marcel) and having this heavenly knowing, peace, and joy that he’s the best decision I’ve made (2nd to the Lord of course, hehe). While walking towards him, he was just beaming and I couldn’t help but think that he’s so much more than I ever prayed for – he truly is a man after God’s own heart.” Scarlett said.

It was also a very special moment for Marcel as he saw Scarlett in her wedding dress for the first time. Our hearts just melted when he said, “There was such a purity about her whilst also being so beautiful. It touched my heart.”

  1.  Their wedding suppliers. According to the couple, “Our wedding suppliers were all so amazing. It was so fun working with them and we are so thankful to each of them for helping make our wedding day so memorable.”

Photographer – Ram Marcelo
Venue – The Hilltop Garden
Wedding Coordinator – Teena Barretto Events
Wedding Stylist – Moki Gray
Videographer – Indemand Wedding Films
Makeup Artist – Mauri Estrada
Hair Stylist – Misty Gabriel
Entourage Gowns Collaborator – MarRo
Flowers for Bridal Party- La Bella Rosa
Wedding Cake – Daniel’s Bakeshop
Catering – The Creamery Catering

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