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Filed in Prenups  /  April 2, 2021

Let’s run away and create our own beautiful world together—
where we can see the glorious beauty of the sun lighting the universe all at once.

That is how we would recount Billy and Lark’s road trip prenup in one glance. There are many reasons why we should love this couple’s pre-wedding shoot. It’s chill but fun, sweet but playful, carefree but charming. It’s the best example of how planning and spontaneity can create beautiful results. 


Two months—that’s how long it took for Billy and Lark to plan and prepare for their prenup. They both love travelling where their most epic, most intense, life changing experiences happened. So they thought, “Why not add prenup on the list?” They came up with the road trip concept and decided to do it in February. It is the perfect month when they can enjoy the cold breeze kissing their skin without worrying about the rain. Just when they thought everything was going according to plan, it rained nonstop the night before their shoot. They decided to push through with their road trip prenup no matter what—dry or wet. Thankfully, the sun shined in its magnificent glory on that day. 


The couple didn’t hire a professional stylist for their shoot which was an easy decision. Here are the reasons why:

Comfort and Freedom
Their goal is to show who they are and just be their own playful selves. One way to do it is to be their own stylist. It has given them the freedom to make their prenup shoot have the chill, candid, and casual vibe. It’s a plus that they get to choose what they were comfortable wearing. 

It has helped them budget with intention
The couple was able to save a great deal of money and be intentional about their wedding budget where they can spend more on what matters most for them. 

Bonus: Coffee dates
Planning the whole prenup shoot has earned them a couple of coffee dates and they were able to spend more time together. (Yay!)

Here are some of the notable things that Billy and Lark learned when they did their own prenup styling:

You don’t have to be a fashion or a design expert to come up with the best ideas.
“We are so lucky to live in this era when we have almost all the answers online. Pinterest, Instagram, Google are your go-to friends!”

Having a mood board is a great idea. (shoutout to Phoebe for such an amazing tip)
“Our mood board was our best friend during the entire process. It helped us conceptualize the outfits, the props, and even the poses! We kept it close to make sure we’re always on track. Bonus: your mood board can also act as your little assurance that you can pull the whole thing off!”

It’s helpful to have pegs in mind before shopping for clothes. 
“In our case, we picked our outfits as if we’re shopping for regular clothes. We’ve spent a few good weekends strolling malls to find our three batches of “this is it”. It’s challenging and fun at the same time.”

Styling your own prenup will grant you a full experience of the whole thing! 
“The memories and fulfillment after it’s all done are priceless. (gushy, we know).”

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Video – Hello & Co. Cinema
Kombi Rental – Budz Badua
Make-up – Tope Hair and Make-up Services

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