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Filed in Engagements  /  March 3, 2021

I just felt relief and happiness that finally I can move onto the next chapter of my life with my forever partner – Alfonso and Angela

Before the altar and ‘I do’s’, we walk through an exciting journey of engagement. We create a plan. We pick the best ring. We buy the most beautiful flowers. We prepare for that special moment that will change our life forever. 

Guys, we know from the depths of our hearts and soul that our girl deserves the grandest of gestures. The kind that moves them to tears and makes their hearts melt. How do we prepare for that special day that will lead us into an everlasting covenant? How do we carry out a proposal and give our girl an unforgettable experience? Let Alf’s proposal to Angela inspire you to make it all perfect for your girl. 


Angela had a hunch that Alf would be proposing soon. It’s only a matter of when and how. Believe it or not, but Alf tried proposing to Angela thrice. His first plan was to propose in Coron but it was pushed back twice. The first time, Angela had a strong feeling that Alf was going to propose during one of their travels. She even prepared clothes for the trip, but Alf was so smart to navigate his plans. Second, he thought of doing it in his Condo but things happened and he had to hold back. Somehow, the delays made it all better until he came up with a garden proposal idea. The timing was so perfect as Sundae, their puppy, came into the picture. 


Alf knew that Angela is so intuitive. So, to mislead her, he organized an out-of-town trip with her Dad in late February.  He also arranged an out-of-town trip with his Dad and brother. He even asked Angela’s Dad to do something to divert her attention. During the proposal, Alf told Angela that he will be meeting with his Dad’s politician friend at his hotel to make her dress up. 

On that day, with all the beautiful flowers and bright lights, their excited loved ones, and their adorable puppy, Alf got down on one knee, and asked the magic question, “Will you marry me?” 

To say that Angela was surprised is an understatement. She was in awe and her expression is something we shouldn’t miss for the world! It’s so palpable, our hearts are also cheering with them. With that, Alf’s proposal plan was a hundred percent SUCCESS! 

For Angela, one of the best things about that day is having their family witness the special moment. For Alf, it’s relief and happiness altogether, that they can finally move on with the next chapter of their story—the story of forever.

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Video – Hello & Co. Cinema
Styling – Teddy Manuel
Shot on location – Hortz Hotels and Resorts

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