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Filed in Travel, Weddings  /  February 27, 2020

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Sundowners Vacation Villas is a lovely resort in Zambales overlooking the ocean. It is a place where people get a familiar feel of the famous Santorini island in Greece. It is as if you won’t have to get into the hassle of going abroad if you can go to local Instagram-worthy places such as this resort. In my case as a destination photographer, even these local resorts surprise me! Mark and Mich chose this place to pair along with their summer tropical-themed prenup shoot.

While some couples love crazy activities such as hiking and sports, some couples prefer their days to be chill. Such is the case for Mark and Mich! They told us that when they travel as a couple, they make sure that there will be a “chill day” in their itinerary. According to them, chill day means a day where they won’t have anything planned – no trips and no big activities, just the two of them doing whatever they feel like doing! It always ends up being their favorite part of the entire vacation! So, talking about their prenup idea, they wanted to relive these moments.

The shoot itself went smoothly! They wanted their shots to be candid. So, most of the shoot, I just let them do their own thing while I take photos of their chill day. They were definitely just unwinding! They just went about their day by walking at the beach, telling each other stories, and hanging out beside the pool. It was exactly how they spend their chill days! Simple and unplanned, yet intimate and memorable. Check out Mark and Mich ‘s prenup photos below and see how they spend quality time together, relaxing!

Photo / Ram Marcelo
HMUA / Katrina Guzon
Shot on location / Sundowners, Zambales

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