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Filed in Weddings  /  February 6, 2020

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What makes a wedding “intimate”? From what I know as a photographer, a wedding becomes intimate when it isn’t overflowing with hundreds of guests. An intimate wedding simply consists of the couple and a few chosen people who are considered the top special people in their lives. For my next destination wedding in Tagaytay, Gian and CJ chose to have an intimate wedding. And according to them, it was the best decision they made! To top it all off, they paired this occasion with a rustic orange theme, something depicting Autumn. In my opinion, this is a lovely motif as it goes very well with a green backdrop.

A snippet of their long-distance courtship

These two are inspiring. They went through the hardships of a long-distance relationship. As a matter of fact, this relationship was the outcome of one whole year of long-distance courtship. We’ve never even encountered the term ‘long-distance courtship’ before! It all began when Gian and CJ both worked for the company Sony. This was where they met. They started as workmates and eventually became good friends. While in the process of getting to know each other, Gian suddenly had to work for Sony India. It was at that time when their courtship, a long-distance courtship, began. These two were hundreds of miles away from each other and yet they were inseparable. No matter the time difference, Gian and CJ were constantly getting in touch with each other online. Throughout that period, they gave each other signs that they liked one another. And finally, after a year, Gian went home on vacation and asked CJ to be his girlfriend!

Being in a long-distance relationship for seven years, Gian and CJ proved to everyone that love can indeed conquer anything. According to the couple, these were their three principles in the relationship:
1. Trusting your partner and believing the best.
2. Praying and involving God in the relationship.
3. Committing and choosing to love your partner every day.

Candid, light, and raw. Gian and CJ told us that these characteristics defined their ideal wedding photos. This kind of shoot harmonized perfectly with the intimacy of their celebration and reflected the awe-inspiring story of this couple. It also complemented their Autumn-themed celebration! They chose this autumn theme because it reminded them of a memorable trip to Tokyo, Japan where they wandered around the parks and gardens admiring the bright and colorful leaves falling from the trees. See them now with the most important people in their lives, celebrating a new chapter of love, finally, as a married couple!

Photo: Ram Marcelo
Video: Hello & Co. Cinema
Coordination: Zenith Events Management
Hair & Makeup: Christopher Fajardo
Gown: Heleyna Bridal
Suit: Dansen
Entourage Dress: Miraluna
Rings: La Real Jewelry
Styling/Florist: Rock’nclay Events Services
Invitations & Posters: Gian Mendoza
Shot on location: Life Place Retreat & Event Center

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