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Here comes another destination wedding that takes us all the way to the beautiful city of Bohol, Philippines! In the municipality of Dauis, we went to a huge, old church for the ceremony. This wonderful couple, Josh and Maki, asked us to take candid photos of them all throughout the day – and luckily for us, candid is our specialty. Before we proceed to the photos, here’s a brief summary of how they met each other.

It was all a setup. Eight years ago, Josh and Maki were part of an annual tradition in their college called Screw Your Roommate. The rules of the game are simple – you set up a blind date for your roommate or your friend with someone you think they’d get along well with and make them dress up in paired costumes. If the date doesn’t work out, then you’ve “screwed” your roommate or friend over! And you’ve probably guessed it right, Josh and Maki were paired with each other. Maki arrived about 30 minutes late to their date. Josh thought that he had been stood up. But as soon as they both got into their table, there was a strong, instant spark. They couldn’t stop talking with each other! After chatting for around 4 hours, the dining hall had to kick them out. After that, they talked some more for another half an hour outside the dining hall. They basically couldn’t let go of each other!

Eight years later, the undeniable bond was made official, and they were finally married! The rest of the story is seen in their candid, undirected smiles. We made sure that the photos stayed light and bright for this intimate wedding. Their theme was “East Meets West”, a mixture of a quirky, fun, and a whimsical wedding. Maki was from the East while Josh was from West. It was a unique wedding idea that involves a multicultural display – also because Maki’s friends are culturally diverse. The color scheme was “Manila Sunset”. Guests wore comfortable and vibrant clothing, with a bit of a tropical touch, to make things a little more unconventional and indie. The ceremony perfectly concluded with a beautiful sunset scenery. We made sure that the photos best represent the joyous, inspiring love that they have for each other. Check them out yourself by looking at the photos below!

Photo / Ram Marcelo
Coordination / Supreme Weddings
Gown / Blue Bridal Boutique
Barongs / Gilmore Cebu
Florist / Blue Grass Project
Invites / Poeme
Wedding Bands / Amami
Wedding Cake / Lola Lilia’s Home-made Specialties
Shot on location / Bohol Beach Club, Dauis Church

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