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Filed in Prenups  /  August 19, 2021

Indoor and studio prenup shoot is somehow underrated. When you search for pre-wedding ideas, websites will likely pop thousands of social-media-worthy shots of couples in famous locations. The blue, pristine beach or the green, crisp park with couples holding each other is an absolute spectacle. On one hand, it’s like an automatically drawn canvas laid before the photographer’s eyes. The studio shoot, on the other hand, can be a lot of work. You start from scratch with a blank sheet to splash the colors and elements with and paint an exquisite picture for everyone’s eyes to behold. It’s more challenging but fulfilling. 

I’m glad to have captured David and Marrion’s indoor pre-wedding pictures and here’s why it deserves to be hyped. 

Fun, Intimate, and Simple

David and Marrion wanted a fun and simple, Korean-themed prenup shoot that features their intimacy and connection. This had drawn them to skip the nature and outdoor scene and go for a studio shoot instead where they’ve found Lucas Studios as the perfect location. The thing is, it wasn’t just a series of pose and capture kind of prenup. The pre-wedding session feels like a sense of homecoming. It’s soft, warm, and natural. The couple’s fun giggles and heartfelt embrace feels like falling head-over-heels in love again. Ginger, their cute Pom is an added charm, a beloved third-wheel! At the heart of it: It feels like having a VIP pass where their love story comes to play. 

Like any other couples, David and Marrion have one fear: camera shyness. It’s their first time and they are worried about looking awkward and stiff, giving their photographer a hard time. Surprisingly, there are no hints of shyness or difficulty during the photoshoot. “Amazingly, everything worked out. Ram and his team really guided us on how to pose, what to do, and shook off any awkwardness we had in us, and they are truly an amazing team to work with.”, Marrion said. 

Why You Should Go for a Studio Pre-wedding Shoot

Here are David and Marrion’s Tips for Couples: 

  1. It’s safer. The pandemic is not yet over and travel restrictions are unpredictable. Having a prenup shoot in the metro is more feasible, plus you don’t need to worry about permits or passes and the things you have no control over. 
  1. It highlights you as a couple. The studio shoot makes it easier for the photographer to make the couple the main subject and not the scenic background. It makes the prenup more intimate and real. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Don’t worry about not having a cinematic background. The key is trusting the creative hands of your videographer or photographer. They can make simple things brim with elegance and grace.

Photography – Ram Marcelo
Gowns – Marrion Chua Couture
Videography – Project Mayo 7
Makeup Artist – Ann Santiago
Styling – Tipping Point Collective
Shot on location – Lucas Studio

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