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Filed in Prenups  /  August 26, 2021

“Ours is a very quiet albeit deep, steady type of love.” — Denise and Mikito

The truth is, photography isn’t just about the stunning photos I get to take. It’s the couples I get to meet and the opportunity to see, experience, and capture their deep, real, and joyful connections. The thrill I get to have every time a couple shares their story is a feeling that never gets old. As a story is never told or written the same way twice, the same thing can be observed in the art of photography. Pictures, moments, poses, no matter how similar, are never captured once and again. 

When Mikito and Denise presented their prenup pegs, I knew that it’s going to be a comfortable, fun, and unique shoot. It’s very laid back and raw, yet sweet and romantic!

Here are our favorite things about their pre-wedding shoot which proves that you don’t need a grand backdrop to set the stage for epic photos.

All you need is the comfort of your home to make it candid and sweet! Shot at Mikito’s family house in Alabang, the couple had an effortless, playful, and natural prenup session which reflected more of who they are. The concept revolves around their favorite activities like working out, taking drives, and having picnics. It’s like their day in a life as a couple, soaking in those crucial, irreplaceable moments. It’s home within a home, doing your favorite things with your favorite person in your favorite place. It’s amazing how they were able to wrap the past, present, and future up in a four-hour photoshoot. It highlighted what they’ve done together, doing together, and will do together until they’re gray and old. It teaches us that there is beauty in the stillness and the in-between moments. Their story is a narrative of wholeness and authenticity.

The couple planned their prenup two weeks prior to the photoshoot. Even the clothes they wore were just from their closet. According to Denise, just hours before the shoot, they were tweaking their looks and making fun of each other, which is one of the reasons why their prenup photos look natural and relaxed. 

The couple’s favorite thing from their pre-wedding shoot is the workout part where Mikito needs to carry Denise. In her words, “It was a moment of trust.” It’s also the part that looks flawless, fun, and shows their connection with each other. On the other note, it’s important to work with the people you trust and connect with. They are good friends with Anne (their stylist) and Che (their Make Up Artist) who have been working with Denise since 2018. For the couple, it’s very crucial to have people you consider as friends on board for the shoot.

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Styling – Anne Tuvera / Lagom
Hmua – Makeup by Che Abueg & Hair by Jessa Racol
Shot on location – Ayala Alabang

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