Kamil & Arnie | The Lake House in Caliraya Prenup

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Unfiltered, candid, affectionate — these were the highlights during Arnie and Kamil’s the Lake House in Caliraya prenup. The artwork, heart, and soul that have been poured out in the photos are so evident because they were just genuinely happy and having fun.

At the heart of the shoot, what resonates most is the authenticity that radiates from the couple as they chill, vibe, and savor each precious moment. As photographers, there’s nothing more gratifying than crafting a collection of timeless memories while the couple revels in their love.

Here are our favorite scenes during Arnie and Kamil’s The Lakehouse in Caliraya Prenup:

  1. The House Scene. It’s so fun and memorable. They were sitting on the floor, on the table, having fun. There’s this moment when they held each other and it felt like the background blurred out and they are all that matters . They smiled and laughed not for the camera, but because they were so happy being together. The kind of happiness that makes you consume all your wishes to all the shooting stars to never end.
  1. The Lake Scene. The Lake Scene, captured both before and during sunset, symbolizes a perfect date. It’s the ideal setting to immortalize the love between two people as the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, painting the sky with breathtaking colors reflected in the tranquil waters. It’s when the sky’s beauty is at its peak, and the colors in the heavens mirror perfectly in the lake’s serene surface before nightfall.
  1. The Bonfire Scene. The Bonfire Scene stands as one of the most captivating and unrestrained moments ever captured. Arnie and Kamil lost count of the s’mores they toasted and devoured, just as they lost count of the stars that bore witness to their radiant smiles and pure bliss. Their own heartbeats became background noise as they were completely absorbed in their own world, sharing a love that burned brighter than the flames dancing beside them.

Take a look at those scenes that we have fallin’ in love with and will inspire you to create your own moments during your prenup shoot. One that gives people hindsight of your love story and how you’re so into each other.

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Video – Hello & Co. Cinema
Hmua – Gobi Skyee
Shot on location – The Lake House at Caliraya

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    Great photos 

  2. Yvan says:

    Great photos 

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