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Lipa Batangas Prenup: Running at Summit Golf Course

Axel and Trish’s Lipa Batangas prenup is as heartwarming as a cozy blanket on a chilly day. It was a celebration of all things real and beautiful. From infectious laughter to heartfelt moments, their connection lit up every frame. The Summit Point Golf Course played host to their authentic connection, turning their prenup shoot into a canvas of genuine moments. It’s a reminder that every laugh, every shared glance, and every adventure is worth capturing and sharing.

A Memorable Day of Surprises

Under the backdrop of a sky that had been teasing rain for weeks, Axel and Trish’s prenup shoot started at 10 AM. Despite the looming weather, luck shone down on them – the sun was shining throughout the day. As if choreographed by fate, the rain waited until the very moment the crew wrapped up and headed to their vehicles. A final flourish of spontaneity led them to race off using golf carts, turning an ordinary departure into an unforgettable memory.

One of the highlights was an unforgettable encounter with the drone. As it soared higher and farther, thoughts raced through their minds: what if it gets too close to the lake’s edge? These quirky musings added an excitement to the day. And, of course, who could forget the “buhat” shots taken on a slightly inclined patch of grass?

“Unang set palang wet look na sa pawis.” Axel and Trish shared

Choosing the Perfect Location 

Summit Point Golf Course in Lipa City was more than just a venue for Axel and Trish; it was the expression of their vision. A location that not only offered breathtaking views but also a sense of serenity and closeness to nature. One driving factor was their desire to have their furry companions, their dogs, share in the joy of the shoot. However, the unpredictable nature of their four-legged babies led them to realize the importance of having the course to themselves – ensuring an uninterrupted day of fun and love.

Getting Ready: The Axel vs. Trish Approach

While Trish had her outfits ready six months in advance, Axel’s approach was more of a last-minute adventure. The photos, as they say, tell the story – revealing whose approach was ultimately more effective. Yet, despite the contrast in preparation styles, the harmony between them resonated in each frame.

Not ones to waste a single prop, the couple ingeniously used food containers, wrappers, and paper bags as playful additions to their shots. Their resourcefulness transformed mundane items into vibrant and engaging elements that added a touch of whimsy to the visual narrative.

Lipa Batangas Prenup: Lessons from the Heart (and the Lens)

Through the lens of their experience, Axel and Trish shared some lessons.  First, they found out that the weather can play tricks during outdoor shoots, showing how important it is to pick the right season. In an amusing twist, they discovered that some random flowers were edible – a delightful reminder of the unexpected surprises that life brings.

Pet owners will appreciate their newfound knowledge that pets, even the most elusive, often relish their moments in the spotlight. The secret? A simple conversation, as Axel and Trish found out, could make all the difference in capturing those perfect pet poses. Their advice to others? Start the sessions early if you have numerous costume changes planned, and you’d need to do some pre-shoot cardio too!

Above all, their experience emphasized the significance of trusting their chosen photographer and videographer. They transformed their initially quirky and candid shoot into something polished and ready for the world to see. Axel and Trish said, “Their guidance during the shoot was priceless: we both do not know how to pose so having them around turned our would-blooper themed shoot into something suitable for public consumption.”

Photo – Ram Marcelo

Video – Hello & Co Cinema

Shot ot Location – Summit Point Golf Course 

HMUA – Leo Hermosilla Parino

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