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Kris and Tracey's private vows at the cliff's edge, gazing out at the beauty of Monterey Bay.

Kris and Tracey’s destination wedding in Monterey, California, is a picture of love’s boundless reach. Their love story spans continents, and their decision to say “I do” in this scenic coastal haven made their celebration all the more unique and magical. Think laughter, conquering challenges, and a gallery of awesome memories, all set against Monterey’s cool vibe. 

Overcoming Distance and Time Zones

Even though separated by thousands of miles, Kris and Tracey’s love knows no boundaries. While living in Chicago and Manila, respectively, they decided to tie the knot in beautiful Monterey, California. Of course, this long-distance wedding planning journey presented its share of challenges. Managing three different time zones required meticulous organization and communication. With a 13-hour time difference, they had to find creative ways to stay connected and coordinate wedding details. But the couple weren’t fazed. They took charge from the get-go, armed with checklists, task trackers, and budget files to stay organized. Weekly meetings were scheduled to ensure smooth progress, not just for wedding arrangements but also for Tracey’s move to the US after the wedding. The process put their project management skills to the test, and they emerged as a stronger and more united couple.

DIY: A Wedding Filled with Personal Touches

In their quest to create a wedding that was uniquely theirs, Kris and Tracey decided to DIY many aspects of their special day. Although their chosen venue, The Perry House in Monterey, offered an incredible package, the couple took it upon themselves to add personal touches. They designed the day’s theme to reflect their laid-back personalities, opting for an elegant house-party atmosphere. With blue and white Chinoiserie, white florals, and gold accents, they transformed the venue into a classic, cozy home setting. The result was reminiscent of Ina Garten hosting her best friends for a delightful gathering. The couple saved money in some areas, but they compensated by pouring love and hard work into every wedding detail.

Creating the Perfect Vibe

Kris and Tracey wanted their wedding to be as easygoing as them, with a sprinkle of classiness. They ditched the rigid schedules and scripted performances for a “no program reception.” It was all about creating an intimate space where their nearest and dearest could come together.

The Perry House, with its Victorian-style architecture and breathtaking view of Monterey Bay, served as the ideal venue for their dream wedding. But wait, there’s more! They kept their guests entertained all day long with fantastic food and free-flowing drinks. Moreover, they transformed the space into a realm of cherished memories, adorned with family photos. The little ones received instant cameras and coloring books to keep the joyful moments alive. And to top it all off, a DIY audio guestbook crafted with love by Tracey’s dad and brother, filled with heartwarming messages and wishes.

The Moments That Stole Their Hearts

Aww, now we’re getting to the mushy stuff! Tracey’s favorite memories were all about the feels: prepping with her bridal crew and reuniting with her girlfriends after forever apart. And oh, the first look and private vows with Kris at the cliff’s edge, gazing out at the beauty of Monterey Bay – pure magic! But the tear-jerker? When they are finally pronounced as husband and wife. Cue the happy sobs!

Kris was equally smitten with the first look and private vows. It was like a secret rendezvous just for them – no distractions, just love. Remember the joy of sitting at the couples’ table, surrounded by loved ones from all around, immersed in a celebration of love.

Kris and Tracey’s Key Insights that made their Monterey California Destination Wedding a Success

“Just enjoy the process and don’t get too caught up in minute details! Also, start with a vision early on what kind of wedding you want. Decide on what wedding details you want to prioritize and splurge on, and what you can save on. There are endless possibilities and things to have at your wedding, but cost can add up quickly if you say yes to everything.

And on the wedding day, everything might not go 100% as planned but remember what’s at the heart of it all: as long as you get to marry the love of your life, surrounded by dearest friends and family, and have a day filled with love and joy, it is an accomplished mission. The day goes by so fast—live in the moment, take it all in, and just enjoy!”

Photo – Ram Marcelo

Video – Hello and Co Cinema

Venue- The Perry House Monterey

Bridal dress – Binky Pitogo

Groom Suit – Jacob Young

Catering – Events by Classic Monterey 

DJ – DNA Entertainment

HMUA – Kiyomi Sanada

Bridal Party Makeup- Nancy Espanola 

Bridal Party hairstylist – Valerie Narciso

Flowers- Costco and Ling’s Moment

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