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Chab and John’s Antonio’s Tagaytay Wedding was in all ways UNFORGETTABLE! The entire wedding was just overflowing with happiness, love, and good vibes. It’s one of those memories that’s gonna stick with everyone forever. It’s also a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be able to freeze those incredible moments in time and be a part of the ride as these two lovebirds board on their forever adventure.

Chab and John’s Memories in Planning their Antonio’s Tagaytay Wedding

We can hear Chab’s excitement through the screen when she said: “O-M-G. I don’t think I’d ever suggest anyone plan remotely. Haha!”

As fate would have it, our couple jump on the adventure of planning their wedding remotely and it was an exhilarating experience. With the world navigating through the uncertainties of a pandemic, the Chab and John faced the task of deciding between two countries — Philippines or the UK. Ultimately, they chose Antonio’s Tagaytay as the backdrop for their love-filled celebration. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Imagine early morning calls from the UK, coordinating with vendors who were in a different time zone. And not to mention the logistical complexity of needing two sets of vendors for certain elements, such as the invites. But, against all odds, their determination and unwavering love guided them through the process. And they couldn’t be more grateful for their decision as they discovered the perfect partners in Hello & Co Cinema and Ram Marcelo. “We looked at loads of pictures and watched soooo many same day edits before we fell in love with the relaxed style. It felt more like “us”. Chab and John shared.

Moreover, a standout moment was their unforgettable food tasting at Antonio’s — a culinary experience that made their hearts flutter with delight. The couple said, “Another huge highlight for us was our food tasting in Antonio’s. The whole team were fantastic and made us feel so relaxed and excited. They were even kind enough to incorporate some British elements into the menu to make it extra special.” 

Crafting a Unique Wedding Vibe and Style in Antonio’s Tagaytay

Love should be celebrated with joy and authenticity. Our couple understood this wholeheartedly. Rather than adhering to conventional themes, they sought inspiration from a captivating illustration, allowing it to shape the colors and aesthetics of their special day. With Antonio’s Tagaytay providing a naturally enchanting ambiance, their stylist wove vibrant hues and artistic elements, transforming the space into a kaleidoscope of emotions.

But it wasn’t just about the decor. Their primary focus was on creating a celebration that exuded love, laughter, and togetherness. Good food, music, and drinks became the pillars of their perfect day. To foster a sense of camaraderie among their guests, they hosted a heartwarming welcome dinner the night before the wedding, resulting into unforgettable connections and a warm atmosphere that would linger long after the festivities ended.

Timeless Memories Treasured Forever

From their wedding celebration, Chab and John carved out moments that would forever hold a special place in their hearts. They personalized their celebration, penning heartfelt notes to each guest. Witnessing the genuine joy and surprise as loved ones received these personalized photo cards was a memory engraved in their souls. Their ceremony took on an intimate touch as the bride’s brother-in-law officiated, showering the occasion with love. And as their niece serenaded the entrance march, the air was filled with a graceful melody.

Yet, it was the overwhelming support and unity that left an indelible mark. Friends and family traveled from all corners of the world, united in their love for Chab and John.

If there’s one thing that Chab and John’s wedding in Antonio’s taught us, it’s that true love knows no boundaries. As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of their beautiful celebration. Seeing their love story unfold before my lens was a truly magical experience.

Photo – Ram Marcelo

Video – Hello and Co Cinema

Shot on Location – Antonio’s 

Coordinator- Amanda Tirol

Styling – Events by Midle 

Prep Venue – Anya Resort

Wedding Gown – Rosa Clara

Groom’s Suit – Beggar’s Run London

Lights and Sounds – Artuz 

DJ – DJ Samboy

Guitarist – Manila String Machine

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