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The Early Stages of Wedding Planning

Engaged in July 2021, Marvin and Erika planned for a March 2023 wedding amidst the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic. However, a friend’s advice prompted them to kickstart their preparations earlier to secure their desired wedding suppliers. This led them to embark on a booking spree, surprising themselves with their proactive approach. Their dream Tagaytay garden wedding has easily become a reality as they visited Leanel’s Garden and it perfectly embodied the cozy rustic garden vibe Erika had always envisioned.

Perfect Suppliers for their Tagaytay Garden Wedding

Hello & Co. Cinema and Ram Marcelo Photography were the second and third suppliers that Marvin and Erika secured. Erika’s admiration for Hello & Co. Cinema’s work predates their engagement, while her discovery of Ram Marcelo’s photography through Bride and Breakfast became a delightful coincidence. Little did she know that these two talented teams had a special package collaboration. Such coincidences added to the excitement of their wedding journey.

The Power of Teamwork

One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning for Marvin and Erika was leveraging their strengths. Marvin excelled in administrative tasks such as scheduling, finances, and spreadsheets. Erika immersed herself in supplier research and brought her creative vision to life through DIY design details. This collaborative effort strengthened their bond as a couple and also instilled confidence in their ability to manage their household together.

Favorite Wedding Moments

Erika shared, “Our Best Dogs/Dogs of Honor, of course!”

She didn’t exactly have a dream wedding when she was younger but even in 2012 when she got Toffee, she knew she wanted her dog at the wedding. “Then they became two dogs with Hershey, then three with Latte, and we knew our wedding would not be our wedding if they weren’t there.”

“It was also very heartwarming to see our friends and family from all over the country (and the world!) coming together just for our special day! It was such a beautiful Thursday too with good sunny weather! It is another thing we were so thankful for, especially since we felt worried about the ceremony and cocktails at open outdoor areas.” the couple added.

Tagaytay Garden Wedding Highlights

Marvin and Erika said that it’s impossible to choose one favorite thing about their wedding day, and we couldn’t agree more. Nonetheless, they decided to give it a try and share their top highlights with everyone.

DIY enthusiasts, united!

From the personalized monogram to the wax-sealed invitations and Instax guest book, their creativity knew no bounds. They transformed their love story into a cohesive theme that spilled into every detail. Their wedding became a work of art, capturing the essence of their journey together.

Raise your glasses to the life of the party!

The energy was infectious, from the heartfelt ceremony to the epic after-party. Their guests radiated happiness and were a life of celebration.

Picture this: A “first touch” and surprise gift exchange that left them speechless!

They connected on a deeper level before saying “I do,” discovering the thoughtfulness and surprises they had in store for each other. It was a beautiful reminder of the love they shared, and the excitement for the journey ahead.

Love set ablaze!

Their first dance, embraced by sparklers held by their loved ones, was straight out of a fairytale. The song that accompanied their moves was the same one that swept them off their feet during their first international trip together. Dreams do come true, and so did their wedding dance floor!

Wedding meets Kdrama!

As fans of “Crash Landing On You” and “Descendants of the Sun,” they added a touch of Kdrama magic to their bridal entrance and first kiss. The violin instrumentals transported them to the world of their favorite shows, weaving their melodies into their hearts forever.

Buckle up, folks, because they drove their own cars!

Who needs a fancy ride when you can roll up to your own wedding in style? It was a sweet ride, quite literally, as they embarked on a journey together toward their happily ever after.

Artistic impressions captured their souls!

The live paintings of their guests and themselves were truly unforgettable. Talented artists immortalized the joy and beauty of their special day, becoming cherished masterpieces on the canvas of their hearts. It was a personal touch that touched the hearts of all who attended.

The vows!

Despite last-minute cramming, they delivered vows that moved hearts. Imperfect yet genuine, their promises of forever resonated in every word. Some things never change, and their love’s unwavering strength is one of them.

Behind the Precious Memories

Marvin and Erika Shared:

“We have a great set of suppliers! Our coordinators, P/V team, photo man, HMUA team, gown and suit designers (ours and our entourage’!), florist, caterer (people would not stop raving about the food, especially the scallops!), lights and sounds, string light decoration, etc. Thanks to everyone’s great efforts, we had the most wonderful day!

Last, but not least, the beautiful photos and videos taken during our prenup shoot and on the day! Someday our memories of the wedding would not be as crystal clear, so we’re very grateful we have priceless documentation to look back to as we grow old.”

Photo – Ram Marcelo

Video – Hello and Co Cinema

Shot on Location – Leanel’s Garden

Coordinator – Lia Weddings

HMUA- Iya Gueco

Bride’s Dres – Debbie Co

Groom’s Suit- Arvox

DJ- Rammy Bitong

Host – Karen Kabuhat

Cake – Cake Studio

Giveaway – Live Wedding Painter PH

Musician – Project M

Flowers – Ashley Faye Blooms

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