Jin & Anna | Lucas Studios K-Drama Themed Prenup

Filed in Prenups  /  March 24, 2022

When most people think of a prenup shoot, they think of picturesque locations that look like they came out of a painting. But Anna and Jin decided to do things differently. The couple’s prenup shoot was anything but traditional, featuring believable and hard-to-ignore closeness. You see them cuddling and playing around, showing the love and compassion between them. It captured a real, genuine glimpse of how they carried themselves with each other in everyday life.


There’s something about Jin and Anna’s prenup shoot that puts the viewers in a romantic mood. These are the reasons why:

  1. Jin and Anna are a couple as in-love as they look, and they wanted that to show through their prenuptial shoot. They are the kind of couple that make you feel happy just by being in their presence. Their smiles and laughters have made the session lighthearted, playful, and fun.
  2. Their mutual love for Korean pop culture. Jin and Anna are K-drama and BTS fans. In fact, the entire shoot looked like it was straight out of a K-drama! They even dressed and looked like a Korean couple, even the one that they wore from their New York wedding in September 2021.  Plus, it’s plain to see that the natural light and minimalist backdrop of the Lucas Studios helped set the mood for a truly romantic setting.
  3. They were a joy to photograph. We don’t know about you, but we can totally see why these two were meant to be together! It’s not everyday that we get to witness a bond so strong like Jin and Anna’s. All in all, we are grateful that we were able to create lasting memories with them that they will look back fondly as they grow into their married life together.
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Photo – Ram Marcelo
HMUA – Bene Javier
Shot on Location – Lucas Studios

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