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Filed in Weddings  /  March 22, 2022

“Kasi si Sylvia yung gusto kong uwian araw araw.”  -Kevin

From wedding preparations to the big scene-stealing moment, it’s the day that every bride and groom spends months preparing for; the day they’ll look back on forever. As a wedding photographer, I must say that there’s nothing more beautiful than capturing the love of two people and see through the frames those layered and perfect connections in its most raw and unfiltered form.

One thing that immediately drew me to this couple was how genuine they were. They were so in love and calm and excited at the same time; you could immediately tell from the photos how awesome their relationship was. Their wedding was every bit as adorable as they are. 


You might not believe it, but Kevin and Sylvia actually met years before they started dating. He tried inviting her out for a date four years after graduation, she put him through several ‘seenzones’ before finally agreeing. However, just one date and several food and milk teas later, she turned him down. Kevin was actually okay with being “just” a friend, but Sylvia never replied when he reached out afterwards. Three years later, however, he asked her out again—this time purely to prove what he believed: “Kung ayaw, ayaw talaga.” The plot twist: He was wrong; Sylvia gave him a chance and the rest is history.


  1. Sylvia’s dream wedding is an intimate wedding. Every bride has their own ideas about the perfect wedding, from the gown and shoes to a theme that works for them. But Sylvia wanted something different than what most people want: she wanted to celebrate her special day with those who were dearest to her. Being Chinese, she had seen grand weddings with guests the couple barely knew, and she knew that’s not for her. She only wanted an intimate celebration with family and friends. 
  1. Sylvia did the supplier search while Kevin made the shortlist. The couple proved that the bride and groom can both be hands-on during the wedding planning. Sylvia did an online search of suppliers through blogs and reviews while Kevin was the voice of reason (Sylvia’s words). They’ve picked suppliers based on important factors such as budget, value of services, and who fits their vision. 
  1. Sylvia and Kevin’s wedding planning tips: The couple started out by trusting their suppliers: “It was hard at first,” Sylvia confessed, “because I am more of a type A personality, so it was hard to let go. But Kevin kept on reminding me not to worry and be stressed, and just allow them to do what they were best at.” And he was right. On the day of their wedding, everyone was calm and relaxed. In fact, the couple’s whole wedding turned out exactly as they imagined it would—and then some! In Kevin’s words, “The best tip I can give you is to really save before proposing. Because admit it or not, your wedding day will definitely cost a lot. Yet at the end of the day when you see your wife walk towards you down the aisle, every penny you spent will be worth it.”

Photographer – Ram Marcelo
Videographer- Notion in Motion
Church – St. John Bosco Parish
Reception – East Ocean Palace
Bridal Gown – Khristelle Tan
Groom Suit – Arvox
Coordinator – Maxine Covar Events
Stylist – Ginger Events Styling
HMUA Bride – Marla Sabio
HMUA Groom – Charlene Sy
Host – Jerome Go
Cake – Phoebecakes
Invitations – Neonovelties

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