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Filed in Prenups, Travel  /  October 15, 2019

Manuel and Ywee have been together for a decade. They are a couple who loves to take on challenges as long as it comes with personal and relationship growth. After the first half of their relationship, they took the chance to migrate to Melbourne, Australia, and start a new life away from their families. This decision was way outside their comfort zone, but they knew that this choice will bring a fruitful future.

Not long after they settled in Melbourne, Manuel planned a sweet and a memorable proposal. On one seemingly random winter day, he brought Ywee and their friend’s brother to Mt. Hotham. Eva thought that they were just showing their friend around town. During the trip, a blizzard came upon them and clearly complicated Manuel’s plans. He even thought of cancelling the proposal. But shortly after they reached the summit, Ywee was taken by surprise when she saw a spot filled with rose petals resting on the white snowy ground‒ it was even decorated with heart-shaped candles and their photos together. Manuel did not wait any longer; he knelt in front of her and asked her the long-awaited question and she said yes!

This lovely couple wanted to share their story with their families from many miles away. They planned to show them that their love for each other helped surpass the trials that come with living abroad. For all these reasons, they chose to have their prenup done at Melbourne! And here they are now, showing all of us that taking on a tough journey together as a couple may result in a happier tomorrow!

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