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Melbourne, Australia is a gold mine of numerous diverse cultures. The essence of this multicultural city is easily seen and felt through the architectural designs of its buildings and the artistry expressed on many of its areas. We could consider this city as a one-stop shop location for a prenup shoot. But before that, here’s a little something about our couple!

Don and Kezia first met during their enrolment in Federation University in Melbourne where they studied their MBA. Starting as friends for two years, they easily got along and have grown to like each other. Don proposed at Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast while they were chasing the sunset. It was four lovely years of getting to know each other. What better way to celebrate these memorable years than to have their prenup shot at a country where it all began?

Every location of their prenup holds special memories that they had in the past. They recalled moments of positive vibes at the artistic colorful houses of the Brighton Beach and Hosier Lane, and it was also where they went to explore their appreciation for art. They had long and meaningful conversations over coffee at Royal Arcade. As a representation that they first met at a university, they included Victoria Library. By the Yarra River they sat and relaxed as they always have. They even chose to shoot at the Parliament House for their formal peg, since it fits perfectly with its architectural design.

As a couple who finds importance in nostalgia and symbolism, Don and Kezia chose a city where their story began and their love flourished. And to their advantage, it was not any other usual location. All these wonderful areas that are picture-perfect for prenup sessions are just within Melbourne! The expanded set of different and unique places you see on the pictures below are found in this one city in Australia. Check out this lovely couple’s extra special prenup shoot and feel the immersive experience of the multicultural city of Melbourne!

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