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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for years or months, it just hits you right in the chest and you long to grow old with that person. But of course, we don’t want to just break the question right there without all the romantic elements. Just like how every girl dreams for a heart-dropping wedding proposal, every guy is also cut for all the cheesy and sentimental moments that’s one for the books.

We met at a wedding for the first time. You might be thinking that we were part of a singles-only activity that you would often see during the reception. But, no. We weren’t guests! We were actually the suppliers. She was the videographer and I was the photographer.

I’ve dreamed about a proposal abroad. You’ve seen a lot in movies—beautiful scenery in the background, a diamond ring, a guy kneeling as he pops the question, the girl saying yes, a sweet embrace, then the credits start to roll.

I’ve played it in my mind, time after time. I’ve always dreamed of my proposal to be every definition of perfect—one that makes the best story. A proposal abroad is the best choice because Phoebe and I love traveling and we’ve made wonderful, unforgettable, sweet memories during our out of the country trips. It would be great to add another one.

I intentionally gave my focus, my heart, and gathered thought process overtime to craft my Perfect Wedding Proposal 101. We have a scheduled trip to Paris and it’s a perfect place for a marriage proposal right? (Of course, it’s Paris, the City of Love!). Imagine if I ask “Will you marry me?” at Paris’ most iconic landmark, Eiffel Tower, or at Les Jardins du Trocadéro and the tower lights up, and you see all the sparkle, and how it’s going to be magical (just wow!). I’ve also imagined a picturesque proposal on the hills of Montmartre during sunset. If Paris didn’t push through, I thought of doing it in Taiwan with her family which was also a great plan. But we all knew that COVID happened and we just woke up one day and all International flights were canceled. Boom!

I was honestly thinking of moving the proposal next year so it would still be meaningful like how I’ve dreamed it to be. It’s so sad knowing that I wouldn’t be able to give her the epic wedding proposal that she deserves, but God spoke right through my heart and made me realize what matters most—Phoebe and our marriage. The size of the ring, the place, all the things I’m worried about is inconsequential. But, all grooms-to-be would still want everything to be special and memorable, so the planning ensued. I’ve discovered how tedious and hard it is to plan and prepare a proposal (how harder it must be to plan a whole wedding!). I can truly say that I could relate with you now, couples!

I’m grateful because a good friend and one of the best coordinators (Bingo Flores of Sweet Comfort Events Management) helped me plan the proposal. We booked Casa San Pablo to celebrate our Second Anniversary (Yes, I proposed on our 2nd anniversary) and rented an exclusive place for us, Casa San Pablo. We have come up with a Boho setup—string lights, low tables, audio, projector, and bonfire for dinner! I’ll secretly put the ring on our dog, Santi (on his collar), stand on the spot, and propose. Yay sounds like a plan!

It’s the proposal day! Yay! I was a nervous wreck and sleep eluded me. It was raining, but I’m still excited and all. I’ve prayed and committed everything to the Lord. When we reached Casa San Pablo, I left Phoebe in the room to talk to the team so I could finalize the plan. I put the ring in Santi’s collar and we started walking up to the spot. The place has been dark, pitch black, and when we reached the spot, the lights exploded and the song Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop started playing, I was also crying as I poured out my heart and soul to her. I told her that the ring is with her favorite dog, then I knelt, and popped the question…

And she said YES!

It’s not how I originally planned and imagined, but it has been a great night, nonetheless. It was perfect because it’s her, it’s Phoebe—the woman I’ve dreamed of spending the rest of my life with. We’ve been with the wedding industry for years and it feels sooooo good to be the ones living our happily ever after soon… and SOON, #KamiNaman!

So, how do you Plan a Perfect Proposal that Makes the Best Story? Here are some tips and bits (based on real experience):

1. Make sure you’re on the same page
Yes, captain obvious! You should see the future through one lens. You should see the same things from where you are standing in your relationship. Have you talked about getting married or the two of you heading that path eventually? It should be a ‘YES’!

2. Set a Budget
In every event planning, the Budget is king! Knowing how much you intend to spend can define how your whole proposal will ensue. Make a list of your budget for the ring, the venue, and all other things you would need.

3. Buy the Ring
Not a ring, but ‘the ring’! You know the difference? Because the ring is intentionally crafted and bought solely for her so know your girl! Phoebe wants something unusual so I got her a Marquise cut engagement ring. Research the 4Cs. Find your jeweler, tell them about your budget, and other requirements. You may check out Teserra Jewelry.

4. Coordinator is a big yes!
You can’t do it all solo! Ask your friends to help but getting an experienced coordinator is also good so you won’t be overwhelmed. They will take care of everything—styling, flowers, location, logistics, and plan. All you need to do is execute the plan. Sweet Comfort Events Management helped me pull out my perfect proposal.

5. Hire a Photographer
You don’t want this once in a lifetime thing to pass like nothing happened right? Get a photographer and let them capture your best proposal memory! Also, bring extra clothes for the photo-shoot. It was a friend, Chow who captured my wedding proposal.

6. Think of a Backup Plan
There should be plan B or C. A perfect plan has a back-up plan so when Plan A fails, plan B steals the show.

7. Know and Write what you want to say.
I kind of failed in this. I conveyed the message on the spot and honestly forgot what I told her at that time. (I only remembered, “I’m ready”, and “Will you marry me” ). So, it’s better to write your message on a piece of paper.

8. Ask for permission from her parents and your parents.
Sure, you’re at the right age and can decide on your own, but it’s best to show respect and love to both of your parents (they also give the best advice!) as you’re set for another milestone in your relationship.

Stay tuned for our wedding! Probably it will be at the end of 2021

For now, I’m just so excited to say #KamiNaman!!

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