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Bluemoon Los Illustrados Wedding

It was not ‘our eyes met and the world stops’ kind of story like what we always see on chick flicks or we read on Mills and Boons. It’s not magic, rainbows, and unicorns, or our favorite Julia Roberts film. It is real—a brand of love that continues to weave itself into the tapestry of every great story: Love does and it grows.

Gideon and Danica met during their college years in an org meeting (definitely not a romantic place of the first meeting) and it wasn’t love at first sight thing (nuh-uh). She didn’t find him cute at first and only saw him as the ‘guy with long hair and dimples’ (and she’s a sucker for dimples). It was one text message on the night of July 12, 2013, that changed their story. They became friends who grew together and learned to love each other. It was slow but sure; slow but steady; slow but complete. As we always hear, “Love is friendship set on fire” and there’s nothing better and more beautiful than marrying your best friend. 

Danica and Gideon went for Classic Elegance—a Garden Wedding in a vintage and rustic style with red, gold color and touch of earth tones held at the ultimate place of outdoor parties—Tagaytay. They’ve requested for the venue to have the gold, glass, and wooden elements for vintage-rustic feels which were not perfectly pulled off, but it was good nonetheless. Her Pre Gown Dress is unique and not the usual robe (couturier’s idea) and she walked down the aisle with her beautiful nude and off-white wedding gown. Their wedding invitations are a combination of maroon and gold. It could’ve been perfect if the metallic gold name writing was achieved but the edges were painted in metallic gold which was nice.


The best thing about wedding preparation during lockdown is you get to maximize your time because you can set up a virtual meeting with your suppliers. You no longer have to go through all the stressful commute and you can make more time for your wedding preps. 

All in all, we can say that it was our dream wedding—it was different from what we’ve expected and it’s not perfect but it’s what we have dreamed (and we only had three months to prepare). 

One of the most intense experiences we’ve ever had is praying together before our wedding ceremony. We were at the peak of our emotions and we’re really grateful for God’s blessings and for allowing everything to fall into place despite the short time of wedding preparation. It’s wonderful how the sky was clear during our big day like it was the heaven’s way telling that it’s the best time for us (and it has been raining hard for the past few days).

Nothing could trump the moment when you get to say your wedding vows and listen to your partner’s promise of lifetime commitment. It’s delightful to be with the ones you love and closest to you during the precious moment of your life.


  1. Make sure suppliers are coordinated, especially on your big day.

They have a big part to play to make your wedding day a success and how you wanted it to be. Communication is the key and it changes everything. They should be in sync from the biggest details down to the smallest, from the start to finish. It’s best to opt for suppliers who already worked together in a number of weddings.

  1. Enjoy the preps, you’ll miss being “the bride” and most importantly, enjoy your special day!

You only become a bride once so enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Make every day and every moment count. 

  1. You’re not required to invite “everyone”.

Your wedding day is never like any other party. It’s your most special day to be shared with special people—your home team, the ones closest to your heart. Making it as intimate as possible is your call.

  1. Try to be really specific when you’re requesting / giving instructions to suppliers.

Get down into all the nitty gritty details on what you really want and expect to happen. Be clear with your wedding photo and video pegs, the shots and moments you do not want to miss. Clearly communicate your perspective—how you expected the venue to be set up, what’s your theme, or the wedding photography style you wanted. It’s your wedding and it’s okay to dream for perfection. If it won’t be perfect, it should be close to perfect. 

  1. Practice your aisle walk (and if you’re having a garden wedding, better to practice walking on the venue using your wedding shoes! or maybe just use flats haha).

You, walking in the aisle in your wedding dress and shoes is one of the most special moments in your wedding day. Own it! Practice for it. You can’t walk in the aisle feeling all awkward and uncomfortable so make sure you have the beautiful but comfortable wedding gown and shoes.

Fill your eyes with beauty and awe as you take a look into Gideon and Danica’s #dreamwedding and how the classic elegance has been captured. Truly, a thing of beauty is a joy of forever! 

Venue: Bluemoon Los Ilustrados
Lights and Sounds: Bluemoon Los Illustrados
Catering: Rekados
Florist: Edgar Erni
Photographer: Ram Marcelo Photography
Videographer: Hello & Co. Cinema
Groom’s attire: Jhong Ramiso
Wedding Dress: Jhong Ramiso
Bride’s Prep Gown: Jhong Ramiso
Entourage Dress: Jhong Ramiso
Invitations: Invitations by Ten
Rings: Ty Po Huat Goldsmith
OTD Coordinator: Illustrative Events
Host: Gaius Timothy O. De Jesus
Make-up for Bride: Phyl Lunzaga
Makeup Make-up for Entourage: Julie Pearl

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