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Filed in Prenups  /  July 18, 2019

Once in a while, a couple would have to make an important decision: should we run or should we brave the storm? Well, this couple chose to take a stormy risk. Literally. There was a typhoon report on their prenup shoot but they went for it anyway. And as you’ll see, it went amazing!

Stilts, Calatagan. A place of greens and fields, the ocean, and their famous floating cottages. As a place with good proximity to Metro Manila, this wonderland will give you a package of various views and different locations in one stop! Talk about a smart choice for a prenup shoot! This was the prenup site that Wesley and Tiffany decided to go for.

Their main peg was simple – to have fun and make the most of having a professional photographer with them. And you know what, a prenup can be put into a simple concept and it can still end up as an amazing experience and result in lovely photos. These two were able to pull it off because of their attitude and expectation towards the prenup day, despite anticipating the bad weather. We asked them what they would give as prenup tips for the other soon-to-be-weds and what they told us was, “Keep in mind that no matter how well you’ve planned, not everything will go accordingly. So just smile, laugh at it, enjoy the shoot, and most of all, entrust to the Lord whatever you have planned.” Lo and behold, they were able to convey their positive personalities into lively and sweet photos! It was an uplifting experience for everyone that even the greyish weather and a bit of rain did not put a single taint on everyone’s energetic moods!

Presenting the jolly and cute photos of Wesley and Tiffany! See how their contagious smiles became the best substitute for the sun, which was hiding behind the clouds. Also, check out their one unique prenup set where Tiffany got into a swimming attire and they both just swam! It was such an inspiring, fun, and memorable experience for all of us!

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Video – Vidlens
HMUA – The Makeup Studio by Rouchelle Battad
Shot on location – Stilts Calatagan

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