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Zambawood Prenup Raf Regine

Do you believe in soulmates? Can your heart know who it belongs to even before you’ve met that person? The story of Raf and Regine might convince you. Their story is that of two souls whose fates intertwined long before they were even born.

You see, before their love story began, their musician parents already knew each other. Not surprisingly, Raf and Regine’s childhood was filled with music as the two even went to the same music school. Fast-forward to college, Raf gave Regine a sign of his infatuation during a gig for the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. Sadly, things didn’t work out. Now, what happened after college? Life happened. The two didn’t see each other for almost three years because of work-related reasons. Tragic as that may seem, they found their way back to each other as soulmates always do. This time, Raf got his lines right. He told Regine that he was driven to go after her because of a bible verse she sent him ages ago. Isn’t it amazing how God’s hands work to reunite two people who belong together? Surely enough, romance instantly blossomed between the two musicians. However, reality truly is a ruthless force. Within less than a year of being together, Raf had to return to the cruise ship for work. It was a challenging nine months spent apart for these lovebirds; long-distance relationships are never easy. Despite this challenging period, the two finally reunited and Raf proposed at last!

It was love formed through the melodies of music, strengthened by the test of time and guarded by faith. Theirs is a story of two soulmates whose love prevailed no matter the challenges. The voice of their souls harmonized into a beautiful song of their own composition. Now they are enjoying their relationship with a true-to-life fairytale.

A beautiful forest scene at a place called Zambawood at Zambales, Philippines, was the first set of their magical prenup shoot. The cameras that day reveled in Regine’s flowing red dress, further highlighted against the colors of the forest around them and alongside the couple’s beloved instruments. The scenarios in the photos shift to Raf and Regine’s sweet moments in the sunset amidst a field, with a picturesque bamboo bridge completing the scenery. The shoot concluded with a memorable bonfire evening, where they shared stories and played percussion beats near the fire. Feel the passion and hear the music through their photos below!

Photo – Ram Marcelo
Shot on location – Zambawood

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